Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Searching Multiple Documents with Adobe Reader

In the current version of the free Acrobat Reader (i.e. Version 9.1) you can search all PDF documents inside a folder.

This search feature eliminates the need to combine monthly documents to search a year's worth of data files with a single search.  This feature may have been available before the current version ... I just never noticed it.   PDF documents that are protected (i.e. 'Secured') are no problem.

But I would also suggest, a program similar to Adobe Acrobat Standard v6.0, to combine pdf documents, if needed. My tests revealed that Adobe Acrobat Standard v6.0 was able to combine pdf files efficiently and also search within all the combined pdf files. Tests also revealed that 'Preview' app needs to be corrected to handle proper searching of a combined document.  Searching was limited to only the first document when the "Preview" app was used to combine several PDF documents).

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