Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Editing Old Halloween Photo with Picasa

The application that is available through Picasa allows me to do so many cool things with old photos. I just took this photo and cleaned up some spots on the photo using the 'retouch' option in the photo editing pallette. It does a nice job of removing those spots on old photos. The nice thing about Picasa is the ability to undo many editing techniques as you check results and change your mind.

There are auto color, auto contrast options that can fix a photo in one click in some cases. With this photo, I applied the 'auto color' adjustment and then 'cropped' some off the left side of the photo to give it more balance.

Another option that is available is to automatically 'Blog This'. I was able to select these two photos, the before and after from Picasa window and click on the 'Blog This' to instantly put these photos onto my eblogger with text.
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