Monday, October 12, 2009

Flash or Not to Flash

There is a free app for the iPhone called 'Camera Flash Free' that I just downloaded to my phone.   It offers the options to take photos that are adjusted by a magical algorithm to provide light or flash to the end result.   The app also allows you to select a previously taken photo and to apply lighting to that photo as well.

I have taken a photo of a shiny coffee caref using the built in iPhone camera and also with the Camera Flash Free app.  Here are the results:

Secondly, I took the first photo above, the one taken with the built in camera app for the iPhone, and applied the lighting using the Camera Flash free app to an existing photo in my Camera Roll.  The results are below:

What do you think about this free flash app?  Does it help the photo?  Well, one thing is for sure, like you learn on ebay when taking photos of shiny objects, beware of the refection that appears on the object, you may expose yourself.

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