Tuesday, December 29, 2009

iPhone indispensable among travelers - Knockin' Video

Well, as usual it is always nice to travel with an iPhone.    With the new iPhone 3GS you can access internet, emails, apps when you have wifi in the motel or when visiting others along the road.  We had free wifi at the hotel we stayed in, but found the 3GS network even faster to use.   3GS and edge networks were useable, for most of the road trip.  Only a few spots along the trip were 'No Service'.

It is always nice to have the iphone and game apps to entertain the granddaughters, while waiting for dinner to be served at the restaurant and also handy for taking candid photo shots and video of those special moments.

I even used the 'Knockin' Video' app to share - video of the granddaughters swimming at the hotel pool and roller skating - with their Uncle, who wasn't able to join us due to illness in family.    I also sent a live video, as we were traveling on the road home.

The new GPS features on the 3GS iPhone, came in handy when we got lost in the fog one night, while returning to the hotel.

The roads along the way from Idaho to Oregon were almost all - snow free and the weather held out for us.  On the way back to Idaho, we did come across some patches  of snow on the road, and saw a car behind us spin out ... off the road.   We also saw one car upside down with emergency vehicles, ambulance and police .... along the roadside next to the Columbia gorge.   Going up the mountain outside Pendleton, Oregon, across the Blue Mountains, near Dead Man's Pass, the visibility was 500 feet for about 1.5 miles due to foggy conditions.  As we reached the top, I was able to snap this photo of the lingering clouds that we had driven through.

I love my iPhone!


Anonymous said...

Have you ever used a travel application on your iPhone? I have a friend recommending the "eskyguide" one since I'm planning a trip to Europe. Do you have any experience with it or similar ones?

Granny Joan said...

I haven't tried eSkyguide, but use Tripit app. Most of the travel apps have a pretty hefty fee for the travel alerts and flight changing abilities. I did see Worldmate is another app that might be worth investigating.