Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cool Boombox App ... myBeatPad ... for iPad

I ran across a very cool app for my iPad this morning.  It is called 'myBeatPad'.  It displays screen of a boombox on your iPad.  At first it appeared to do nothing as some of the controls or knobs on the boombox are non-operational.

After trying several buttons, I finally tapped on the 'Eject' button and the songs list from my iPad music library appeared on the screen.  So I randomly selected about 4 songs and clicked on 'Done' in the upper left-hand corner.  The boombox display appeared again this time playing the first song that I had selected along with vibrating speakers and wheels on the cassette turning.  The name of the artist and song was scrolling across the top black window of the boombox in nice bold red type.

I then pushed the 'forward' yellow button and the next song started playing.   Selecting the 'pause' button and the 'play' button and 'reverse' buttons worked as would be expected.  Just remember to touch the yellow button on the boombox, rather than the icon underneath the button.

A virtual boombox, lighter and easier to carry over my shoulder, so Granny can appear to be with it or hip, whatever the term that is used today.

I will definitely use this app when listening to my songs.  I recommend trying this one out while it is free. I look forward to the developers, implementing volume control and possibly accessing my playlists or albums directly.

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