Traveling has become that much easier since the advent of the iPhone. The Apple Apps Store features a wide selection of useful apps for the person on the go. Let's take a look at some of the more important travel related apps. Please note all prices are in USD.

First, for the international traveler, the CurCon Currency Converter ($0.99) is a must have app. Stop trying to convert those Rubles into USD using your head. With a touch of few buttons you can instantly convert a host of currencies.

One of the greatest fears of any tourist, you're out in and about in a foreign city and suddenly you need to find a restroom! You needn't fear Montezuma's Revenge anymore. Sit or Squat, available for free, will use its built-in GPS to locate the nearest restroom. Just keep in mind, the free app's database is created by users like you, so add to the cause if you can.

Got a hankering for a nice steak in Vancouver? How about a cheap place to eat for lunch in New Orléans? The Urban Spoon, also a free app, can help you find the right restaurant within your budget. Just punch in the location, type of restaurant, price range and viola! You're eating foie gras in no time.

Did you know that Bulgarians shake their heads from side to side to indicate yes? How about knowing whether you are allowed to blow your nose in public in Nepal? Well you would know these customs and more if you downloaded the World Customs app ($0.99).

Our last choice is by far the most expensive ($9.99), but we think it is worth the steep price tag. The Lonely Planet Phrasebook is packed with phrases for the country you are in. And what's more the app will speak them out loud for you! No more searching through phrase books and chopping up the local language.

Do you have any favorite or useful travel apps you would recommend?