Sunday, May 02, 2010

Using GoodReader App on iPad to Download MP3 Blog Talk Radio BTR Show

I have just recently started listening to Blog Talk Radio stations (aka BTR) on the internet via from my desktop computer or via  from my iPhone.

BTR has some interesting shows on varying topics of life and entertainment.  I was able to use the Cinch iPhone app to access the BTR call in number on a live show and listen to not only the live shows in streaming, but also the 'On Demand' (previously recorded) shows with my iPhone.

I was testing the ability to listen to 'On Demand' via the Cinch app on my iPad, but ran into a problem.  I wasn't able to play the 'On Demand' (already recorded) shows via my iPad, but I was able to stream the live shows and successfully listen to them without a problem.

I had just recently purchased  the GoodReader app that allows me to drag and drop files from my desktop computer and access them on the iPad.  I wondered ... if I could use the Good Reader's function of downloading from the internet to somehow access the 'On Demand' BTR shows on my iPad.  I was successful in doing so.  This of course proved a good exercise in using not only BTR, but also my newly purchased, GoodReader app.

Here is the method that I used in accessing the BTR 'On Demand' shows:

First, I accessed BTR by typing in the URL into the Safari Browser on my iPad.

 I selected a show from the list of 'On Demand' displayed.  (You can also search or use the Guide to find shows if you know the title of a show or the host's name of the show).  It opened up a page of the host's latest blog talk shows.

From that webpage, I selected the 'Play' button next to the show I wished to hear.   The URL link for the actual mp3 (audio of the show) appeared at the top in the URL textbox.  I tapped on that link and selected all and copied the URL.

 A small dialog box similar to the one below appeared, asking if I would like to 'Open in 'GoodReader' app.  I clicked on the 'Open in GoodReader' button.

The GoodReader app opened

The filename of the mp3 show appeared on the left-hand side of the GoodReader window. The mp3 show file was playing in the player.

Once I had completed listening to the BTR mp3 show,  I swiped across the name of the file on the left-hand side window and then clicked on the red delete button to the right of the filename to remove the file.

I was glad to find an alternate solution for listening to my BTR shows using GoodReader and also test out the new GoodReader capabilities successfully.  I am sure the beta version of Cinch app will eventually interface smoothly with the BTR site in the near future.    But in the meantime, I will be able to use this method to quickly download mp3's from the BTR site as I wish for my listening pleasure.

I realized how valuable GoodReader is going to be in accessing pdf's, mp3's and other file types from the internet, as well as from documents that I drag and drop from my desktop to iTunes to sync with my iPad.  Great app and easy to use.

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