Friday, June 04, 2010

Stickies Tips - Mac Virtual Notes without the Goo

Occasionally I use the sticky note application that is part of the Snow Leopard System to store a tidbit of info. 

Sticky notes can provide a place to store media other than text.  The contents are automatically stored and restored to the screen when the application is run again.  If you wish to store text from a cocoa-based application, say Safari Browser, use the command- shift-y key sequence to quickly copy the text selection to a sticky note.

You can quickly add a Quicktime movie, pdf, or image to a sticky note, by utilizing the drag and drop to that note.

Sticky notes can be made translucent by using the command option T keys.  This allows you to see other icons that might be present under the sticky note on your desktop. 

You can also change the format of text, the color of the note, auto-format lists and create templates of styles you might wish to use.  In addition you can export the text notes preserving the style or plain text.

Sometimes the simplest apps, provide some quick and amazing alternatives for keeping track of tidbits of information.

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