Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Mac Logic Board Obstacles Addressed

I had to take my Mac to the local Mac Life store.  My logic board was not functioning and had to be replaced.  This item could have cost me as much as $1000, but was still covered under the Apple Care Protection.  It has been money well spent, as I have replaced my graphics card, mouse and now the logic board. 

When a new logic board is installed in an old machine, the identification number for the machine is changed and iTunes and Mobile Me services have to be authorized as if the old machine (with the new logic board) is now a brand new machine.

Since I had not exceeded the limit of 5 authorizations for my iTunes songs yet, I merely added this new machine as an authorized machine so that it could play tunes and app purchased.  iTunes popped up with a reminder that this was necessary when changing to a new machine or to an old machine treated as a new machine due to the replacement of the logic board.

Apple has a nice support article in their database at the following link, if you would like to review the rules, options and means to authorize and deauthorize iTunes management for your computers.   Authorizing and Deauthorizing iTunes Store

I also noticed that my iPhone did not appear to be syncing.  When I tried syncing manually by using the 'Sync' tab from the 'Systems Preferences', under 'MobileMe', I was confronted with a message saying that I was trying to sync using a new machine with the same name as the old machine.  There were two options and I choose to just use this 'new machine' with the 'old name' and to sync info.

It all seemed to go well, but later I noticed that some contacts in my address book on my iPhone had duplicates.  Not all, just some, mainly my contact info was listed 8 times, a couple other contacts had 2 or 3 repeats.  The Mac to MobileMe sync was fine, but my iPhone was definitely messed up.

First I tried just deleting the duplicate contacts in my iPhone address book and that seemed to be ok, until I synced again and they reappeared.

Solution:  Using your iPhone, click on Settings, Mail, Contacts, Calendars for your MobileMe account and turn Contact Syncing OFF.

Select 'Delete from My iPhone'

If you go to your Contact List or Address Book on your iPhone, you will see an empty list.

Turn the Contacts back ON.  Give it a minute to sync and your contacts and groups should be restored to your iPhone correctly.

If you do not have your syncing set on your computer to 'auto-syncing' you can pull up, System Preferences on your Mac and click on 'Mobile Me' (under Internet and Wireless).
Make sure you have selected the items you wish to sync:  contacts, calendars, bookmarks, etc.  Click on Sync Now.

This worked great for me and am happy to see my corrected contact list revived.

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