If your spending summer taking classes, working or on vacation with the family, there's no reason you can't still be connected to the rest of the world.  Apple's new iPhone offers a variety of apps so you can tan, work, surf and blog at the same time (if you can keep up).

First let's get introduced to the device created to make your life five thousand times easier, dubbed the "I-phone". If it sounds like something out of a Isaac Asimov novel (creator of iRobot), it's because this gizmo is so packed with information and tools that it might as well be listed as science fiction.  For example, The Bento app allows you to keep track of client information, expenses, to do lists, events, and lots more, with easy navigation and functionality all in one app, you can find the perfect beach to relax on, kick back and play 'Beach Adventures 2', for free courtesy of Apple Inc.

What's the point of going to the beach if you're not going to interact with people, right?   Well the iPhone has plenty of apps that will make you the life of the party down at the bonfire or surf spot.  Walking up to strangers with the "I am T-pain" application is an easy way to meet new people, you can sing karaoke and even play a piano, but it all comes down to what kind of things you are into doing while on vacation or tanning at the beach.

If you're a game fanatic or just need to occupy yourself for a while, there are plenty of fun and exciting beach themed games.   If you want to escape the beach into a magical land of mushrooms and princesses, you can turn on Super Mario and save the world from the evil bowser!

Oops, we were having so much fun at the beach that you forgot to feed yourself.  Your stomach is getting angry and you hear a faint growl that sounds like "irooone". It's your stomach telling you to use an app to find some place to eat!

With 'U' or 'Living Social', there are thousands of establishments ready to take your order with the touch of a fingertip, unfortunately the iPhone cannot send the food through the screen so there will be some driving involved.  Possibly dinner and dancing after the volleyball game is over, or a quiet candlelit meal at the bistro around the corner with that special someone to calm the mood after an exciting afternoon, the iPhone can make it all happen.

The number of iPhone knock-offs is increasing by the second, but don't be fooled, they pale in comparison considering the sheer amount of development and apps for this device. Whether it's multitasking, finding a place to eat, dancing, planning or approaching someone you don't know to engage in conversation, the iPhone provides lucrative solutions to each need someone might have.  If you need something accomplished, there is an application to do it for, and you can quote me on that.