Thursday, August 05, 2010

News Wall Free - View Your Stunning Feeds with iPhone App

Many users are excited about the new app Flipboard and I agree it is a great way to view twitter feeds.  Somehow when I first saw this app, it reminded me a little of the first time I saw the browser plug-in called Cooliris a few years ago.  These each provide a stunning way to enjoy photos and articles on your iPad.  Cooliris just recently released Discover for the iPad an app that turns  Wikipedia into a beautiful magazine on your iPad.

This morning I discovered another app, that has been around since early July 2010, called News Wall.  This feed viewer comes with two resident feeds.  It allows you to add your feeds and URL's directly into the app or browse the web with the built in Feed Burner feature.  You navigate to the page you want to use, when feed is found a RSS icon will appear and you can open the list of discovered feeds.   You can also delete and reorder your feeds. 

The app allows you to share your news via Twitter or email or read articles later using Instapaper or Read It Later.  The free version only allows sharing to one Twitter account, but the paid version allows unlimited sharing to multiple twitter accounts.

The Free version runs with ads and works currently on iPhone with iOS 4.  News Wall ($1.99) version runs on both iPhone and iPad and will be updated once iOS 4 is available on the iPad.

It looks pretty good even on the small screen of the iPhone.  The interface is a little confusing, but most of what you need to do, like add feeds works very well.

Check out the News Wall app and other apps by danielkbx at News Wall

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Daniel said...

Hi there,

the app is just been updated including a lot of improvements.

Regards, Daniel