Monday, August 09, 2010

What is an Entrepreneur?

I’ve been trying out a few new beta sites online and am enjoying the brain workout: testing the features and options on these sites.  I test out beta sites for young entrepreneurs, giving them bug reports and suggestions for their sites and products.  In order to really supply the developers and site-builders with adequate information about their site, you must really use their sites.  You must try out all the features, options, and utilize all the gizmos that they provide. 

For these developers being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, but it is exciting and fun.  But it is also very time-consuming.  I know I have been there myself.   I know that starting a business on limited resources and little cash can be stressful.  Since I am retired and familiar with the internet and small business, I offer my services for free.  Not only do I enjoy helping others, but I find that it keeps my mind active and current with things happening on the internet and the latest technology.

The thing that amazes me the most about these sites, is the knowledge and talent of these young entrepreneurs that have such a vision of the overall internet and what will work in the new internet of the future.  My definition of an entrepreneur has always been as follows:

You know a person is an entrepreneur if they are the type of person you meet and when you engage them in conversation, you are lost in understanding their vision.  They are the type of persons that have such a grasp of what will happen in the future, how things mesh together, what people will be using in terms of technology.  To the average person, what they talk about or envision seems almost sci-fi or something out of Star Trek. 

It is refreshing to know that we do have a few amongst the up and coming generations that are outstanding, talented and knowledgeable and carrying on with dreams and visions of the internet of the future.

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