Thanks to microblogging websites and platforms, it's possible to share bite sized updates about your life and follow the updates of people who matter to you via the web. Today, many people have become addicted to their phones, read several blogs every day, and have contacts all over the world. People hear about microblogging and usually denounce it with harsh criticism, but after they give it a try, they sign up for free and realize that microblogging platforms look a lot like regular blogs! They notice that each page is personal and has updates from friends. People are also using microblogging platforms for business ventures and more. The microblog world has unlimited potential for everyone from the casual user to the business owner.

Fortunately, people use blogs to say more than just "buy my stuff, buy my stuff".   That being said, Twitter CAN be used for marketing.  There are several ways to use marketing techniques on blogs and all you have to do is apply them. Some people are interested in leveraging particular markets but it's all a matter of personal preference.   If you want people to consider your business you must advertise properly using real information, not spam.  Essentially you have to fill up your blogging gas tank with your niche's information.

The proverbial 'filling up your gas tank' entails collecting potential articles, keeping your friends and followers informed with the services provided by the particular platform, finding relevant pictures and just generally writing about the products in your market. Your blog should be about keeping your market up-to-date, which is one of the steps to eventually being a leader in the marketplace.   but let's not get ahead of ourselves, before you lead you have to first understand.

And here's the big hitter: The exciting thing about microblogs are that they are compatible with many mobile devices, which means if you have ever wanted to post to your blog but weren't by a computer, you are in luck. It's actually very simple and all you need is a cell phone with text or media messaging capability, any smartphone or regular phone will do.   Additionally, if you can blog from your smartphone, that means your market will be able to read your blog from their smartphones.

There are several ways to write a blog message from your phone, the first is to write a post with the text messaging function. The number to send it to is usually a numerical translation of the website (such as 256447 for blogger). Another  way to post is to take a picture and send it as an e-mail which uses a different method to deliver than the text messages.  Or try using some of the audio blog sites like to setup a blog with audio, pictures and captions. can be utilized from landline phones or any cellphone by calling a number an leaving an audio message. also has an Apple iPhone app that works with iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch devices, as well as an Android app.  With these apps, you can post photos, type in a title or caption, and leave an audio blog or message, publish it to Twitter and Facebook with the nice interface in the app and also listen to your followers replies and comments to your blog and to their blogs.  Check out 

All of these functions can be performed in some of the most remote locations such as hotels, the beach, and the Empire State Lookout.  Even planes have signal services (gogo) while most of the world's terminals have wifi, though some restrictions may apply.  So kick back and relax at any place with a signal, and get your blog on.