Thursday, September 30, 2010

Auto Response Using Mail App on Mac

Sometimes one might want to send out a message to a group of contacts in reply that informs the list of contacts that they are unavailable.  Using Mac mail app one can set up a rule to do so.

Select Preferences in the mail app and then click on Rules.
Once you have accessed the Rules tab, then click on Add Rule and a section for conditions to meet the rule will appear on the display window and using the pop-down menus select the conditions that apply to your rule:  who you wish the rule to apply to (recipient) and what actions you wish to perform when conditions are met for those recipients.

 If you select the Reply to Message action, then you can enter the typed message to return to each of the recipients.  You can also direct actions to any of your mailboxes.
Be sure to check out the auto response and action scripts that you can apply using the mail app for Mactintosh.

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