Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shortcut Tip: Moving Files from Mac Desktop to Trashcan

I've been using my Magic Trackpad consistently with my Mac Pro.  There is one thing that I have not quite mastered and that is the three finger drag of a group of files to the trash can.  I seem to loose the files all over my desktop or drop them accidentally into an open browser window or into the dock next to the trash can icon.

This has been frustrating me, but I have come up with another couple of means to remove or send files to the Mac trashcan.  There is a shortcut that works nicely:  cmd delete.  Merely select the icons or files that you wish to move to the trashcan and then press the cmd and delete keys.

Another means is to right click on the icon of the file you wish to delete and select 'move to trash' from the pop-down option menu.

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