Saturday, October 09, 2010

iPod App on IPad Stops Working Fix

Yesterday I discovered that one of my iPad apps called 'MyBeatPad' wasn't working and I automatically assumed it was the app which I had downloaded back in May or June of this year.

To resolve the problem, I first rebooted my iPad. That did not help. Second, I deleted the app from my iPad and then reloaded from the iTunes app store. This did not help.

Over the years I have learned that when one has a problem with a computer, printer or other device, that one should always check the obvious. For example, if your printer doesn't print, be sure it is plugged into the wall socket and the cables connecting it to the computer are working. So in this case, I decided that since MyBeatPad was an app that utilizes the iPod app on the iPad, that I needed to make sure that app was functioning properly. It wasn't. So now I had a new problem, a non-working iPod app that supplies my music features for my iPad.

Scouring the message boards and apple support discussions, I saw that others were also having an issue with the iPod app not functioning on their devices. The most common solution was to restore the device, which means basically reloading everything back on to the device. I wanted to avoid this solution and instead took the option to just use the 'Reset All' under systems preferences on my iPad. Basically all my apps, music, and photos remained on the iPad. The apps arrangement on each page of my iPad became alphabetical and I lost my arrangement of favorite apps on various pages, but I can live with that until the iOS 4 system comes out this fall for the iPad. All my general settings for connecting to wifi, games, etc were reset, but my iPad now plays music again and the app MyBeatPad works again.

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