Friday, February 18, 2011

How to Capture Your Facetime Photo

Today I was using the  FaceTime application on my Mac to talk with my son. I was thinking that there should be a quick way to take a photo of the FaceTime image.

I remembered one of the tips that another blogger and fellow tweeter known as MacBlend had posted a few days ago. He tweets tips for Mac users. Often we read these tips and don't think about the mere way we might use them. All of a sudden I realized that his helpful tip would allow me to capture the image on my FaceTime window.

Here is my self portrait for today thanks to MacBlend's tips. Check him out on MacBlend Twitter and his blog page as that is pretty informative as well. He offers some neat Mac lessons at reasonable pricing.  I know you will enjoy his helpful tips and blog posts and tweets!

Tip: To capture a specific window on your Mac, hold down the command-shift-4 key and then hit the space bar and select the window you wish to capture.

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kiki said...

thanx a lot, but i prefer to use this nice tool, it allows to record FaceTime audio and video calls with great quality!)