Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Which Headset for My iPad?

Many people complain about the headsets that Apple supplies with their iPods and iPhones, those that  are so uncomfortable to wear.  So I decided to give a brief description of the headset that I use not only for my iPad and iPhone while traveling, but also use with my Mac during the day.

I use the least expensive Grado SR60 headset that sells for about $79.   I consider this headset an excellent buy for anyone who wants the sound quality of headphones costing $250 or more.  I have found they are comfortable for wearing hours at a time.  They  sound great playing music on an iPad with the IPod app and sound much better than the inexpensive earbuds that Apple supplies with their iPods and iPhones.

The headset has an adjustable headband, comfortable large foam cushions, sturdy cable and a 3.5mm plug with 1/4" adapter.  They are the "open" type so you can hear what is going on in the room as opposed to the "closed" type which blocks out the room sound.  So, you can hear the telephone or door bell ring while wearing these headphones. With these  headphones you will get excellent sound and still be able to hear what is going on in the room.

They can be purchased at www.bhphotovideo.com which is an excellent online store with a user friendly interface for buying audio, video, camera, or computer gear.  They can also be found on Amazon.com online.

I also carry a pair of Earbuds from Griffin which cost about $20.   These earbuds have the microphone and switch just like the earbuds that came with the iPhone.  These earbuds are more comfortable than the earbuds that came with the iPhone and our handy to carry in my handbag when needed while out and about.


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Granny Joan said...

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