Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Where do my devices live?

When I turn on my MacBook Air occasionally it comes up with the message that it's IP address is being used by another device or something to that effect.  Thought I could check the IP address for all the devices around here and see if there is a conflict.

 It was necessary to look up the IP Address for all my mobile devices, computers and gadgets, as well as the ones my husband has.  Now, that is a lot of IP Addresses.

How to Find IP Address for future reference 

To find the IP address for your computer, select System Preferences, Network.  Select the Wi-Fi Connected on the left hand side and you should see the IP address listed in the first section under the words Status: Connected.

To find the IP address for your mobile devices, select the Settings icon and then click the blue arrow next to the Network name the device is connected to and you will see the IP address listed under DHCP tab.

To find the IP Address for the Airport Express and Airport Extreme devices, run Airport Utility from your computer and then on the left hand side, select or highlight each of the devices one at a time and then on the right hand side you will see the name of the device, the IP Address, version and Airport ID.

For most users that is probably the extent of their devices.  But we have others around here including our Disklavier Piano which connects to iPhone/iPad apps, our computers and to its own remote device.  We also have some cameras that we have been testing.

To find the IP Address for the piano, run DKVBrowser and the IP address will appear on the opening screen as you connect.  If you are already connected and running the piano, you can find the IP address under  the DKVBrowser menu> Preferences.

 To find the IP Address of the IZON cameras, click on the blue arrow next to the camera icon in the camera screen, which will bring up the IZON Settings page for that camera, scroll to the bottom of the screen to the Advanced Section and click the arrow next to the Configuration Data.  The IP address for that device (icon camera) will be listed next to IP address.

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