Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Whoops! I Deleted My Documents Folder from My Dock!

Today, I decided to back up my documents folder (which resides on my dock across the bottom) to an external hard drive.  I thought that I could merely drag it to the external hard drive.

In the process of doing this drag, I dropped it on my desktop and Poof!, it was gone.  So I decided the logical thing to do was to drag the documents folder from the left-side of my finder window to the dock to replace the one that I had deleted accidentally.

Alas, this all lead to panic, as I saw that the icon that appeared on my dock was not the nice folder that had once resided on my dock.  In my frustration, I proceeded to perform numerous steps to recreate that folder called Documents on my desktop.  I created a new folder, then dragged the contents from the finder to that new folder, but  I forgot to hold down the option key so that it would just make a copy of the stuff, but instead it moved it.  Wow.  I noticed that my original Documents folder was now empty.  Eek!

More panic as I thought that I had lost everything.

To make a long story short, here is what you do when you accidentally remove your documents folder from your dock.  (Poof!):

Drag your documents folder from the left-side of your finder to the dock, it will be added to the dock.  This is an alias and no files are physically copied.  Now control-click the documents icon on the doc to select the view you want "Folder" and the option to Epand/Fan or Automatic view contents in folder when clicked.

Whew! I need to take a break from this before I truly do loose my stuff!

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