Monday, March 16, 2015

How to Copy Your Music from a Shared Library to Another Library

I store a copy of all my music CD's on my main Mac desktop to listen to in my office.  When I am home and using another computer or my laptop in another part of the house, it is easy to share my iTunes music library and listen to songs.   This gives me more room on my laptop for other files - mainly photographs and documents I am currently working on.  This morning, I decided I needed to transfer some of my music from my main Mac computer to my laptop so that I could listen to it while traveling.  My laptop is also the computer I use to sync my new iphone 6 plus and ipad mini 3 (which also need some music).

Itunes makes it easy to share music and to also copy music from one machine to another.  To copy your library contents you must authorize your iTunes account on the other computer.  To discourage users from sharing their library with lots of people, you are limited to sharing your library with five people.

If you haven't done so, authorize your computer by clicking on that option under the Store menu in iTunes.

Make sure both machines are set up for sharing music files.  Select Home Sharing under the File menu in iTunes and enter the apple id and password on both machines.

Next, click on the Home Sharing tab underneath the Sharing section in iTunes source list to view the shared library.   (Both computers should be using the same wifi network).

You have access to both libraries - your's and the other computer's.  You can select a song from either library and play it or copy it to your other library.

Merely, select the song or album you wish to copy from the other computer via wifi and select the Import button in the lower right hand corner of the iTunes window and your music selection will be copied to your library.

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