Wednesday, March 04, 2015

How to Make a Quick List of Files Contained in a Folder

Computer tip that might come in handy sometime:  I have a folder with just my books in it.  So I arrange them by name and then view them in list view.

Then I use select All (cmd A) and  cmd C to copy them.
 I open a Text edit document make sure it is in plain text mode.  (Type something then select “make plain text” from the Format menu).

Then paste the copy of list (cmd V) into this text document.

Now I have a nice alphabetical list of my files (or in my case of the books or pdf files I have in the folder).

If you don't put it in plain text mode, then the filenames will also have the folder names included.  I just wanted an alphabetic list of the names of files or books that I had.

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