Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Darkroom Premium - iPhone Camera App

I downloaded the app, Darkroom Premium for my iPhone.  It works great to get better pictures from the iPhone.

The app works just like the regular camera app that comes with the iPhone, but allows you to select four additional features: [Feature #3 is the best and really helps to get good pics in low light since it uses the iPhone accelerometers to know when the iPhone is being held fairly steady.]

Feature 1:   Delay the shutter by 3 sec, 10 sec, or 20 sec.  This is especially good for group photos when you want to be in the picture.

Feature 2:   Use the full screen of the iPhone as the shutter button.  This is good for taking pics of oneself when you cannot see the small area to touch to activate the camera to take the shot.   The granddaughters love to take their photos, and this feature makes it easy for them to do so.

Feature 3:  The shutter is delayed until the iPhone is being held reasonably steady ... three settings low, med, and high.  In the high setting, the camera has to be held VERY steady before the shutter automatically fires.

Feature 4:  Adds grid lines.  This allows  you to see when the iPhone is level in the picture.

Note:  Any combination of the four features work with each other.

I love my iPhone!

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