Monday, February 22, 2021

Update to DKVBrowser 3.0.2 for use with Mark IV Disklavier Piano


UPDATE 2/19/2021:  The DKVBrowser discussion groups are now being conducted at Google Groups.  You can search by "DKVBrowser" to find a place to join for current information. 

The DKVBrowser software written by Kevin Goroway has been revised to meet the needs of users for their Disklavier Mark IV pianos recently.  The software had not worked on my latest Mac laptops due to system updates that were not supported by DKVBrowser.  The software had recently not worked on the latest Windows computers due to changes in system and other updates.  At some point the underlying architecture of DKVBrowser (Eclipse RCP) became unsupported/incompatible.

A new version is currently being tested by members who are part of the Google Group who post info about DKVBrowser and Disklavier.   

I was successful in loading the new DKVBrowser 3.0.2 onto a Mac laptop running High Sierra and one running Catalina.  I have been testing the Mac version of this software and find that it is running successfully for most functions.  It is nice to have the DKVBrowser to run playlists, play tunes at scheduled times and to have all the easy editing techniques and features that Kevin has shared with us.  I certainly hope many will consider the Donate button to show appreciation for his generosity and talents in keeping a means to play our beloved Disklavier Mark IV.


Original Article for reference:

 "The Many Avenues to Controlling My Mark IV Disklavier"


Thursday, November 26, 2020

Tips on How to Permanently Delete Apps from iPhone (iOS14)

 How to Permanently Delete an App from Your iPhone (iOS 14)

Goto the App Library Screen on your iPhone, by swiping until you get to the App Library screen.



Press on the search bar at the top, You should then see a running alphabetical list of all your apps.

Scroll down to find the app you wish to delete. 

Press on the icon to the left of the app name.  You should see options: Add to Home Screen, Share App and Delete App.  


Select Delete App to get rid of it.

Sometimes, you will get a message that it is downloading the app. Once downloaded, you can press on icon again and delete it.

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Problems logging into sites when means of payment - has expired.

As extra security a few sites are requiring one to enter a CSV code for expired cards in order to make a purchase.  Such a mess; as most of us don't have the security code for expired cards. 

Log in to account - delete expired card.  Add a new card.
Log out and then do your shopping choosing the new card.

Seems you have to delete the card and log out for it to take effect.