Wednesday, December 09, 2009

How to Automatically Add Lyrics to iTunes for iPhone & iPod Viewing

The iPhone and some of the iPods are capable of displaying lyrics to songs playing. First you must have the lyrics stored in iTunes library.
You can google the lyrics for a song in your browser and then select that song in iTunes music library. Pressing cmd I (for getting info on the song) will bring up various tabs about that song, one of which is ‘Lyrics’. You can copy the lyrics from the webpage and then paste into the lyrics tab for the song.

Another method, is to try the shareware application ‘Get Lyrical’(, but consider donating if you intend to use this software. Once you have downloaded the application to your hard drive, You can select a track or tracks, turn on ‘Active Tagging’ to get lyrics for songs as you play them. If a songs lyrics are found and added, the small circle will turn green.

You can also browse and edit the lyrics right from a text editor within Get Lyrical.

Some types of files such as WAV and QuickTime files don't support lyrics, though you can convert to WAV and QuickTime files into a format that would allow you to add lyrics such as AAC or MP3.

Once you have the lyrics for the songs, then sync to your iPod or iPhone. On iPods, start playing the song to which you added lyrics. Press the Center button repeatedly. The number of times depends on if you have artwork or not. Here is the order of the things that are displayed when you press the Center button:

Play status > Scrubber > Album Art > Lyrics/Description > Rating

If you don't have Album Art or Lyrics, then you'll just see the Rating
Play status > Scrubber > Rating

To view the lyrics on an iPhone, just click on the album for the song.

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