Sunday, December 20, 2009

Putting Captions on iPhone Photos

I love the application 'Skitch' that I use on my Mac.  I have found an app called 'Photo Notes' which allows me to place text or speech bubbles or just text on a photo that I take from my albums stored on the iPhone or onto a photo I take via camera. 

You can change the size of the bubble, position the bubble or text on the photo, as well as change the background color behind the text and the text fonts.  The interface for changing attributes is through small icons that can be accessed by merely tapping the selected photo.

The full version which can be purchased on Apple iTunes store, can save the Photo Note, send it by email or put it straight on to Facebook all from within "Photo Notes - Make Your Photo".

Using the free version, you can use the press 'sleep' and 'home' buttons simultaneously to take a screenshot of your finished photo with text to your iPhone camera album.  From there you can email it to a friend.

It might not have all the features that I love in Skitch, but it is a cute way to send a quick  photo with caption to a friend or grandchild.

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