Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another Slideshow Created with iPhoto/ Audio from Garageband

Example of my 'work' using iPhoto slideshow techniques and audio created with Garageband. iPhoto offers a few built-in themes, access to audio and music from iTunes and settings for transition, timing and titles. I was able to use my own voice recorded using Garageband and applied 'helium effect'. Enjoy!
Why Am I Tired

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Test Slideshow-Mobile_2

Test Slideshow-Mobile_2
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The second 'talking photo' using audacity and iPhoto's create slideshow option posted automatically via Flickr.

Audio and Video Slideshow - iPhoto

I've been trying to determine the easiest way to set up a 'talking photo'.  The Mac offers a quick way to do this within iPhoto, by creating a simple slideshow.  You can select as many photos from an album, event or faces to include in your slideshow.

You can edit your slideshow to reorder your photos, add transitions, music or audio to the slideshow.

Once you have edited the slideshow to your liking, click on the + button in the bottom left corner of iPhoto window and then select 'Slideshow' in dialog box that appears.  Type in a name for your slideshow, click create.

You can export your slideshow in various formats for using on your iPhone, youtube, mobileme, etc.  Click on the 'export' button in the lower right hand corner of iPhoto window.  Then select the options for format and click on export.

I could then post to flickr, where users can click on the link below to view the finished product:

Or, I could: After creating slideshow using iPhoto  and exporting as m4v (mobile format), I needed to convert the m4v movie file to 3qp format (using Quicktime Player 7) to load onto one of my test sites.  I then took the share or embed code from that site to reference on this blog and show the finished slideshow.

Friday, January 08, 2010

makeShort - iPhone App for shortening URL's

Not sure if this is useful app, as you can already copy and paste a URL from the iPhone Safari browser.  But 'makeShort' works pretty swift and might be useful in pasting into a tweat on twitter, email, blogs and text messages.

Basically I downloaded this free app from the iTunes store.  You can then copy and paste or type in a URL and it returns a short URL which is suppose to allow the user to copy it onto any app.   At first I tried tapping on the shortened URL so that I could copy it and try pasting into an email.  It appeared that nothing happened.  I opened a new message to myself to test it out and did a paste, the shortened URL was automatically copied to the iPhone clipboard. 

It worked great!

Friday, January 01, 2010


I love exploring all the free apps available for my iPhone.  Today I ran across one that I had downloaded in the last weeks and had not really checked out.

Photofunia allows you to take a photo with your camera or from your camera roll stored on your iPhone and then use it in numerous effects.  I especially liked this effect which took a photo image from my camera roll and added it to a sketch pad.

Or how about this lego rendition?