Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Renaming a File - Another Method For Me

Often when I wish to rename a file on my Mac, it is difficult to click appropriately on the filename under the icon.  Normally, one would click once and then click again to highlight the characters in the filename.  This would then allow the user the ability to type in the change that he/she wishes to make to the filename.

Unfortunately if you click too fast, the file opens instead of highlighting the name for editing purposes.  Therefore, I have devised an alternate means to change the filename that works more efficiently for me.

First select the icon you wish to edit, then using the cmd I keys, bring up the 'Get Info' window for that file.  In the list of things available you will see the 'Name & Extension' edit box in this 'Get Info' window.  If the name is faded then you may find that you cannot edit the file due to the 'Sharing & Permissions' originally set when creating this file.  Changing the 'Privileges' for the User under the 'Sharing & Permissions' section, will allow you to edit the filename  without a problem.   You can also set the color for the label on the icon, lock the file, hide extension, choose the application to open all documents similar to this one, add comments and preview the selected icon.

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