Tuesday, February 02, 2010

# Sign Problem on Mac Using Excel

I'm always amazed when I run across something that is really weird.  Today while testing some software, I discovered that if I have a folder with a '#' sign in the name, e.g. 'Documents #1', where I have placed Excel spreadsheet worksheets that are of the .csv format (comma separated), that I was not able to open any of the .csv files within the folder with Excel.

I needed to edit one of the .csv files.  I was able to upload it to Google Docs and edit there and then download back to my desktop, and replace the file.  I suspect you could also move the file outside of that folder as well, edit and then put back.  This did give me the opportunity to use the new 'upload' features in Google Docs this morning.

I renamed the folder 'Documents No 1" and was able to open the .csv file with Excel without any problems.

Weird stuff, Microsoft!

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