Saturday, February 06, 2010

Some Tips for iPhone

Podcast Tip:  As you know, you can stream a podcast episode rather than downloading it by double-tapping the episode within the iTunes app on the iPhone. The familiar QuickTime logo will appear and you can listen to the podcast instead of downloading it.   However, a nifty feature is that when you start streaming the episode, you can close iTunes and it will still play.  I've been able to open other apps whilst the iTunes app is playing a podcast episode.

Cut/Copy/Paste Tip:    Since the release of 3.0, cut-copy-paste has been an amazing feature. I have used and abused it from SMS to Safari and beyond. I will claim I can type up a storm on my iPhone and will generally leave characters behind, or find words that the auto-correct thinks are different than I do. To prevent confusion, I always double-check and correct my typos.

With the iPhone, you have always been able to press and hold and obtain the magnifying class to get precisely where you want in the text. In 3.0, I have noticed a little lag when doing so (and it may be my 3G; who knows) and trying to edit my text. As such, the easier correction method here is to double-tap the incorrectly spelled word and then start back over clean.   This hint can also be used for mass delete or mass replacement of text.

Increase Battery Life Tip:  Go to: settings-->mail,contacts,calendars-->fetch new data.  Set "Push" to OFF and "Fetch" to Manually.  This sets the device to only get email when you ask it to.

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