Thursday, April 29, 2010

Strike or Spare ... Play with Other iPhones or iPads via Wifi or Bluetooth - 10 Pin Shuffle Bowling App

This particular app gives a good simulation of bowling, the sound effects are quite good. There is an added twist to the game, where a poker hand is assembled from cards you receive when you make a strike or spare.

It is designed for both the iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad and allows users to experience a multiplayer mode via wifi or bluetooth.

There is a free version (limited features) to try out in the app store. So get out your old 60's bowling shoes and give it a try!

PS - You can listen to your iPod playlist of songs while playing the game.  Quit the app, start a playlist from the iPod.  Switch to the Bowling app and the music will play in the background along with the cool sound effects.

Excellent Voice Recognition App for iPhone or iPad - Dragon Dictation

Use Dragon Dictation to type your text or email messages. I would recommend trying this one out.


Friday, April 23, 2010

It's Here ... My New iPad is Still Syncing ... Cross Over Children ... All Are Welcome ... Come into the Light

Syncing my new iPad.  Goofed and did not preselect apps and photos and songs, so this is taking forever to sync.   I found the instructions for setting up the iPad to be rather vague and confusing.

From the iTunes screen on my Mac computer I was presented with the option to 'join mobileme'.  I was already a mobile me user, so I clicked on the get more info if already a user link.  This opened a Safari webpage instructing me to make sure 'push' was selected in my mobile me settings.  I wasn't sure where this was needed to be selected and logged into my mobile me account.  I could not see a place on my mobile me account page on the web to make this setting.  Then I realized these settings were accessed from the ipad icons.

The next instruction was to 'add an account' (via my iPad).   I tried to add my mobile me mail account, I was presented with the message "unable to connect using SSL".   I opted for 'Yes' continue without using SSL.  Then I tried to continue from that point and received another message to the effect that I would not be able to send/receive email from this account.  So I cancelled.  From that point, I decided to select wifi icon on the ipad screen (which indicated it was not connected to internet) and then selected my home network.  Then I tried to re-add the mobile me account and it was accepted without a problem.

I am so anxious to try out this new toy, but it is still syncing.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Qoop - Sell Books, Art, Images, Self Publish


Qoop seems to cover all the bases for offering the community a means to sell their books, their photography, and artwork. They have revenue sharing, ability to design products, interface to flickr, facebook, photobucket, other sites to advertise your store via widget. Check the site out at: