Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Added Features Coming to Knockinglive Video App ... More Universal Access

Knocking Live Video app for iPhone will be releasing some really cool features in the near future.  Those features will include the ability to have a 2 way conversation from iphone to iphone (or using android phones), as well as the ability to stream to more than one person (i.e., one to many). 

Knocking Live Video's co-founder, Brian Meehan has posted a video on the facebook page that explains the new features and some of the clever ways these new features can be implemented.  One of the interesting ways, was his discussion of how the service could be used by blind persons to send streaming video of a menu from their phone to another phone, where the sighted person on the other phone could read the blind person the menu.  That is one of the key features and attributes that Apple has always had going for it  ... Universal Access.

Check out this video at:

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