Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Finally an App that is So Cool I Have to Buy It - Ping Pong Battle

I remember the days when as a child, we sat on the porch and played monopoly for weeks or jacks with a golf ball and metal jacks. We didn't have air conditioning and it was always hot in Texas, but we still enjoyed the outdoors and all the activities from playing 'work up' baseball with all the neighborhood kids. We played football and did hand stands in the front yard. In the evening after dinner we would lie on the grass and look up at the stars.

But my all time favorite activity was probably ping pong. I grew up playing ping pong on the breezeway in my childhood home. I would go to the local recreation center located in the junior high and play in tournaments all summer long. I was an excellent player and to this day, I could probably beat most people.  I was even city champ.

Today, I ran across a new app for the iPad called Ping Pong Battle. It turns your iPad into a virtual ping pong table. The iPhone app called Ping Pong Paddle allows you to sync (via bluetooth), two iPhones to the app to serve as paddles. How cool is that! There is also a finger mode, if you want to play the game without iPhones.

Here is a cool demo video of the game and website for what I believe will certainly be an app hit!

Check out the app at this link in iTunes:

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