Friday, June 11, 2010

How to Keep Track of Apps Added Today on iPad or iPhone?

Each day I decide to investigate new apps, by loading them via iTunes on my Mac.  I then sync these new apps to my iPad, usually keeping a running note of which apps I loaded.  I normally type each apps name into 'TextEdit' and then email this note to myself.

When time allows I open the email, usually when I am relaxing on the sofa or from my bed just before dozing off,  I check out the newly downloaded apps.

Today I was so busy that as I loaded in the new apps, I failed to comply with my procedure of keeping track of these newly added apps.  I really hated the idea of going through the thousands of apps in the tab of iTunes to figure out which ones were newly added.  I then realized that there was a way to do this.  By adding the 'Date Added' option from the View menubar to my apps tab view in iTunes, I was able to quickly see those newly added apps.

With the apps window sorted by Date Added, I could then select the apps for the day and then select 'Services' under the iTunes menubar and then select 'New Email with Selection' to send the list of new apps added to myself.

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