Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Odd Problem on My iPad

As I have stated before I like to checkout the new apps and have a habit of installing many apps (sometimes 1000+)  on my iPad.  I load on about 20 apps a day, then sending myself an email of the names of the newly added apps for the day.  I then take the time when allowed to view the loaded apps and decide if they are worth keeping.

I always let my granddaughters play with my iPhone/iPad devices and try to find games for them that are suitable and educational.  Now that I have word of a new grandchild arriving this summer, I have also been loading up on the toddler type games, that my other grandchildren have outgrown.   Downloading apps for all the personalities and ages of family members, makes for a large app collection.

If I am looking for an app, I use the spotlight search page and usually type the first letter for the game or app into the text field.  Lately, however, I have found that the search itself crashes or causes the 'Apple Screen' to appear on my iPad.  It does not bring up the list of apps, contacts, email results.

I have searched the support pages for iPad device in the Apple Forum and see that others have experienced the same problem.  There doesn't seem to be any resolution on this problem.  I suspect that it is caused by either a rogue app that is not compatible with the iPad or by the large number of apps that I have installed on my iPad.  It is frustrating as I am not able to run some of these latest apps.  It is also very frustrating to have to wait for the 5 minutes while my iPad restarts.  I have tried restoring the iPad, which did not help.

Has anyone else come across this problem? Does anyone have a solution or suggestion?

I was also having a similar problem on my 3GS iPhone which also had 1000+ apps and would on occasion reboot when I tried searching via spotlight.   The problem has not reappeared now that I have installed the latest iOS 4.0 for iPhone and also put my apps in a folder.  I have also narrowed the number of apps that I have installed on the iPhone to approximately 6 pages of folders.

Not sure but some things that I have done have cleared the problem up for a couple of days now.  I took off an app that had brackets around the name '[ PhotoPuzzle ].  I also made sure that I ran updates on all my current apps before syncing to my iPad.  These both seem to have cleared up the problem ... but haven't tested the theory by loading on the [ PhotoPuzzle] app.  Also made sure that I unchecked any apps that came up as unable to load onto my iPad (due to iOS 4.0 requirements) and then re-synced with these apps removed.  Seems to have helped the situation.


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