Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Safari 5 Update - Reader Button and Bookmark All Tabs Features

One of the new features of the latest Safari 5.0 upgrade is the 'Reader Button'.  The reader button appears next to the URL of the webpage that you are viewing.

The Reader button allows the user the ability to view the page in a simple mode where all ads and unnecessary visual distractions form online pages.  Safari automatically detects if you are viewing a page on the web that is an article and the reader button appears next to the URL.  Once you click on this button, you can see pages of the article in one continuos clutter-free view.  You will be able to zoom to control the size of text in this reader, which will be automatically remain as default the next time you view an article using Reader button.  You can print and email this onscreen view.

Another feature that I find very handy is the new option under the Bookmark menubar, which allows the user the ability to 'Bookmark All Tabs' at once.

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