Saturday, July 31, 2010

Are You Using Social Networking to Do Your Marketing?

Many agree that marketing and advertising strategies are changing.  Statistics show that a large number of consumers are now using the internet to do their shopping on-line.  So it is imperative that companies and advertisers, whether large or small, make use of the internet to get their message across to consumers. 

The old methods of advertising by using bill boards, TV ads, Radio spots and magazine articles will soon be ineffective.   More and more companies are utilizing the features of the internet to capture the attention of their customers and potential buyers.

The best way to get your product out to the world happens to be through online marketing techniques.  Today if you are a small company and you can reach your target audience via the internet, you can be nearly as effective as larger companies.  It isn’t necessary to have a large marketing budget to compete in the advertising arena.   The key to advertising and marketing success can be the viral nature of the internet.  Reaching a few target groups via Facebook or Twitter or other social networking sites can increase your audience exponentially via ‘word of mouth’.  There is no better advertisement than having friends spread the word about your product to others through utilization of internet social networking sites and forums. 

Companies can set up online sites, with blogs, newsletters, coupons and offers that will attract consumers to their site, where they will be able to absorb information about the products and in some cases purchase the items on the spot right on the site.   Companies will have to employ innovative and clever new techniques and ideas to attract new buyers and loyal customers.

The old strategies of marketing and advertising are changing and companies need to be in tune to the exploding market that is opening up rapidly on the internet.  They must be ready to adopt new techniques, strategies and approaches to the new way of reaching consumers.  There will be a need to be innovative and in-touch with customers in a more direct manner.  It is happening now on Twitter and Facebook and many other social networking sites, as well as through iTunes App Store and the new exciting Flipboard app.  The mere phrase ‘social networking’ describes the future of not only socializing for friends and family, but for companies and consumers.

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