Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Go to the Mattress - Fixing a Problem with iPhone and iPad - Syncing Notes

I noticed that my iPhone and iPad were not syncing the notes from each other and from my computer.  I use a mobileMe account and normally the syncing of calendars, contacts, and bookmarks work fine.  For some reason the 'Notes' were not syncing.  Again, I thought there must be something wrong with the latest iPhone update that had affected this syncing process.  But I then realized that my iPad was not using this same iOS 4.0.1 and that was not a reasonable assumption.

After carefully reviewing all the settings on my iPhone and iPad to make sure that I had selected the option to allow syncing and also in my system preferences on my Mac, I was still at a loss as to what to do.   There was no obvious settings on my iPad for turning on NOTE SYNCING under the Mail, Contacts, Calendars in the Setting Menu.

 I was able to verify that the NOTES was set to ON using the Settings>Mail> and clicking on my mobile me email account.

Systems Preferences>MobileMe> Sync led me to the place on my Mac to make sure all was setup correctly for syncing.

I decided to "Go to the Mattress" as Tom Hanks said in You Got Mail to Meg Ryan and check my settings within iTunes.  Well, there was a place in the Info Tab, that I had overlooked and it is shown in the screenshot below:  (SOLUTION:  Check the box next to Sync Notes under OTHER, while you have your iPhone and your iPad connected to iTunes and click on APPLY.)

Again, not an update problem but a problem with finding the right items to check.  Hope this helps others to solve their syncing problems with NOTES using mobile Me account and Apple devices.

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