Saturday, July 17, 2010

Forget This Device BlueTooth Problem Solved

After updating to the IOS 4.0.1 System for my iPhone 3GS, I noticed that I could no longer pair my iPhone with my Apple Wireless Keyboard as before the update. My husband has the same configuration, except he is still using iOS 4 without the latest 4.0.1 beta update installed. He was able to connect to the keyboard with his iPhone without a problem.

I had been using my bluetooth settings to try to connect to Ping Pong Battle to demo to my son this past weekend, and was having problems. I also remember vaguely seeing the words 'Apple Wireless Keyboard' not connected when I tried to turn on bluetooth and thought that might be causing a problem with my connection to the ping pong app, so being the brave techie that I am, I selected FORGET THIS DEVICE.

As I researched online about how to now REMEMBER MY DEVICE, I saw advice about resetting all under settings>general> on iPhone. Tried that. Didn't help. Saw suggestion to take batteries out of bluetooth device such as headset or in car. That didnt work either.

Found Apple article about making your wireless keyboard discoverable.

By holding down the button on side of wireless keyboard and the eject key the green light started blinking. The keyboard was in discoverable mode and I was able to connect it to my iPhone.

Like magic what I thought was a bug in the new IOS 4.0.1 update was merely something I had done. Not at all Apple's fault, but mine.

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