Saturday, July 24, 2010

What is This Thing They Call Tapping?

Consider the word "tapping" and what it means. As one example, tapping is the noise that is made when a person strikes his or her foot against the ground more than once. Or it is the sound that is made when the tips of fingernails are repeatedly brought to the surface of a table. It is often used to indicate impatience, but can actually result in annoying other people more than anything else and therefore should be performed sparingly. Another definition of tapping is a playing technique that is used with the guitar.

Then there is "tap dancing." This form of dance includes a tapping noise that is made when the dancer wears metal plates on the bottoms of his or her shoes. When these plates hit the floor, they produce a "tapping" sound that brings out the rhythm in the technique. Tap dancers make big use of syncopation, which includes a variety of rhythms that consist of long beats and short beats depending on the song or how the music is written.

There is also such a thing called tapping therapy, which is designed to cure physical and mental problems. Whether it succeeds is open to debate, but it has a following. To perform tapping therapy, the user must "tap" on the body's invisible energy pathways. This therapy says that human bodies contain invisible energy pathways that can be disrupted by life's stresses and anxieties. Some people believe that to achieve "tapping therapy, " it is necessary to say out loud that they accept who they are as a person. At the same time, another requirement is to hit one's meridian points. These are the soft parts of the little finger, crown of the head, around the eyes, beneath the nose (angel's bow), the chin, and beneath the armpit. These actions may seem a bit awkward to perform, and they will probably look very strange to anyone who happens to be watching, but they are the guidelines.

Then there is the oh-so-popular tapping of the beer keg! This is a process that almost anyone who drinks is aware of. Understandably, people these days would prefer not to be sprayed in the face before they take their first swallow of their favorite brew. Here are some simple steps to avoid such an event. Step one. There are so many different varieties of beers out there, one needs to make sure the correct tap is on the beer that is going to be opened. Step two. When ready, put the tap over the seal of the keg. Step three. Carefully push down onto the seal with the tap, breaking the seal to the bear. Step four. While pushing down onto the tap, twist it clock-wise as far as it will go. Once the tap is locked in place, it is ready to pour. Step five. Drink up! And enjoy!

Many people know what an iPhone or an iPod or even the newest design, the iPad, can do. Aside from playing music and keeping contacts and notes in one place, these Apple products can perform millions of different applications. One popular "app" is "Tap Tap Revenge, " which is a game that was created by Nate True. It is a lot like Guitar Hero. It even operates on the same premise, which is hitting the right colors with the music. But unlike Guitar Hero, fingers are used. Another example is "Tap Showdown, " which can be played by as many as three people at once. It involves tapping a button as often as humanly possible in order to outdo the competition. After all, what are sore, aching fingers compared to the knowledge that one is the winner of a repetitive iTunes app?

In conclusion, tapping is just another thing that people can do in their lives. Many people tap every day, whether they realize it or not. It is a surprisingly widespread and common activity.

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