Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Are You Confused By Internet Slang?

Each generation has there own slang that they use to communicate with their peers.  It is interesting to note that the netizens have their own terminology as well.  Some of these new terms are defined (my interpretation) below:

Netizen - those persons who spend a lot of time on the internet and are referred to as internet citizens or members of that 'virtual' society.

Meetup - a group of like-minded individuals, possibly netizens, that have same interests such as careers, companies, hobbies, or interest in politics, health, music, etc.  This group secures a location, time and arrangements to 'meet up' in the 'real world'.

Mashup - web application, web function, or application that mixes various media sources such as graphics, text, audio, video, etc.  In the music industry a mashup consists of a musical genre or category that consists of new songs that are a mix of parts of other songs put together.  This could also be the result of a meetup.

Mixup - confusion of not being able to mashup or meetup.

Markup - designation of increase of price for product or service to meet one's profit margin.  Also could designate the changes in location, time and arrangements for meetup.

Meltdown - when things tank or collapse.  Possibly could occur when netizen remembers he forgot the meetup.

Bailout - what a company that doesn't have enough money might wish to obtain to avoid failing or when a netitizen doesn't show up to a meetup.

Wiki - quick and easy way to access information and content all in one place.  (Kind of like a meetup)

Link Rot - when a URL (Uniform Resource Location) or address of a web page becomes obsolete.  When the place designated for the meetup is no longer there. 

Spiders - computer bots that roam the www updating search engines, obtaining new pages, deleting obsolete pages and updating known pages to a database.  It could be possible that some of the netizens that observe at meetups, might be considered spiders that listen, learn, obtain, delete old ideals and update to new ones.

Twishing - a new means by which some persons are using Twitter to phish or steal identities.  Twishers might be netcitizen at a meetup that steals ideas and tweets them to the world.



Clayton Jaros said...

I didn't know half of these! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I leraned something (a few things) new today! Thx GJ :D

Anonymous said...

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Granny Joan said...

Anonymous thanks for the links. Very interesting and entertaining.