Sunday, August 01, 2010

Genius Lists on iPad

I suppose I must admit that I have been busy playing games and looking at the numerous apps to notice some of the built-in features available on the iPad.

Tonight I noticed while I was playing a song from my music library on my iPad that there was the Genius icon that was located in the left-hand column of the music screen.  I noticed that there was a playlist displayed when I selected that icon.  I also noted the buttons in upper right-hand that provide the ability to create New, Refresh and Save Genius Playlist.

Just as in iTunes on my Mac, I am able to create a New Genius Playlist by selecting a song (genre, artist, album or composer) from my music library.   You can save the new playlist.  If you wish to refresh or change the songs in the list to a new group of songs, press the Refresh button. 

There is a + button in the bottom left-hand corner of the music screen that allows you to create your own playlists giving it a name and adding songs to the playlist.

Both the newly created Genius and Standard playlist can be deleted.

I also realized after exploring the various views by artist, genre, album, and composer that the view options are pretty much set depending on which of these you select.  I miss the album 'Cover Flow' view where on your iPhone you can swipe across to see the next album.  That was such a cool and innovative way to impress someone by flipping through the covers of all your albums on your iPhone.

I also see that Genius Playlist currently are automatically named and can NOT be edited.  It also seems the playlist is limited to 25 songs.  There does NOT seem to be a way to arrange the songs in any certain order.

May have to take another day to check out the other podcast, video and audiobook features.

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