Sunday, August 22, 2010

Increase Exposure for Your Personal or Home Business Using Technology

There are several ways to increase exposure to your personal or home business using technology that you already have or can easily apply.  Two main methods are through implementing social networks, as a member of Twitter or Facebook and by utilizing portable devices, such as an iPod Touch or iPad, laptop, or cell phones.

Social networks allow you to connect to both potentially new and current customers.  Using contests, you can generate interest in and create buzz for your product and services.   For instance, on Facebook, you can alert your friends and family that you run a business or service.

You can even create a Facebook page for that business, which will describe what you have to offer to all your friends - inviting them to join that page.  On your business' Facebook page for instance, if you run a computer repair business, you can offer a special code for 20% off a customer's first computer repair. This practice will entice new customers to try out your business and will help promote repeat customers.

For returning customers, offer periodic discounts, super saving coupons, contest or raffle. This type of selling practice will make sure that your customers continue to look at your page for the latest new and upcoming deals and promotions.  The extra exposure you acquire from these deals will likely lead to repeat customers.  Your business name will become 'branded' and stay fresh in their mind.

While social networks offer great services to advertise your products, other technologies also allow you to more efficiently and effectively run your business.   For example, for almost all phones there are expense trackers and "to do list" applications.  To run the best business, you should always enter the relevant information into your expense tracker and complete tasks on your "to do lists". With a mobile expense tracker, you can add purchases, such as new repair discs for your computer business to your tracker while you wait in-line to pay for these items.   The same applies to your "to-do list".   You no longer have to worry about carrying around a pencil and paper to keep track of your to do's.  There are many apps available to keep track of hours spent on services, as well as traveling expenses incurred for business deductions on your taxes.

Finally, you can use your technology and social networks simultaneously for a better overall optimal business solution.  And if you have investors, you can start a private or public page on a social media site, and keep them up to date on your activities.  You can also provide customers with knowledge of local activities that relate to your business, as well as support for your product or services.  For instance, if you are showing off your business at a job fair, you can use a GPS locator on your phone to send your location to potential applicants. These applicants can then visit you by following directions from your Facebook page. Or, they can just submit their applications from home to your social media site - how easy is that! 

If you use technology and social networks correctly, you are sure to gain better exposure for your business while running it more effectively.  By utilizing social media sites, small businesses can gain needed exposure at little to no costs, which gives them a chance for a more even playing field in today's advertising market.  Social media sites can provide the branding and interaction with customers needed for a successful business.

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