Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Multiple Account Access in FlipBoard

I think everyone that uses FlipBoard likes seeing their own articles in print so to speak.  The first thing I noticed about FlipBoard was the lack of multiple accounts for Twitter or Facebook.

I noticed that when something goes wrong the users bombard Flipboard's Twitter and Facebook with messages and comments.  It has always been my experience that the best way to get feedback and results is to use a site's support page.   Flipboard has a site that allows the user to post comments, topics, questions and suggestions.   That site is at:   While exploring the site, I put in a request or suggestion for multiple accounts.  I immediately got a response that they would consider this request.

In the meantime, I have been trying to figure out how to view my Twitter pages on Flipboard.  Fortunately one of my Twitter accounts is search-able and I was able to set up an entire stream or 'magazine' of just my articles.  This allows me to see the format of what other followers might be seeing and to improve on the layout, photo placement, etc. 

Today I realized that if I sign up for one Twitter account and that Twitter account follows my additional account, that I could see the articles and layouts for the second account.  This is a workable solution for me at the present time.

I must say that FlipBoard has their hands full with all the new users and requests coming their way.  Guess they will have a busy summer and fall.

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