Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What to Do While Standing in LIne

When you are waiting in line, time can pass by quite slowly.   This is especially true when you are waiting in a line that is a bit on the long side.  But in this ever-expanding world of technology, it seems there is always something at one's fingertips.  Some of the technology you may have on hand with you at any given time, and that may help pass the time, might be: a cell phone, a PSP or other gaming device, iPod or MP3 player, Kindle, or even a camera.

Having a cell phone this day in age is like having a mini computer.  You can connect to the internet to accomplish all sorts of tasks.  While you are waiting in line, you can access the internet and check your Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking sites. One can easily update his or her status, letting everyone know that standing in line is boring, and you prefer being on Facebook.   Or you can upload those pictures you have meant to update, send out that e-mail, or finally add those people. While also online, go ahead and pay some bills, or order that item you have had your eye on.   Or, check your bank account to make sure you have the money to cover a shopping spree. You could even download ringtones, music, games, or wallpaper while you are waiting.

While also on your phone, there are several other things to help pass the time that do not involve the internet.  For instance, you can take an updated picture of yourself.  Whether we like to admit it or not, everyone is a tad bit vain, and we like to have pictures of ourselves. You remember those games that you downloaded?   Go ahead and play them.  Try to get the high score, or beat the pre-existing one. You could also text your friends. You could make sure that plans you have made are still on, or ask a question that has been on your mind.

Some people may also have a PSP (Play Station Portable) or other hand-held gaming device with them. Pop in a game, turn the sound off if you need to, and play.   Some devices even allow you to play movies on them, so you could finish that movie that you started three weeks ago.  You can always plug-in a pair of headphones, and listen to either the movie or game without disturbing those around you.

IPods and other MP3 players are also popular devices.   These allow you to listen to music or podcasts.   Some even transmit radio.   And, like the hand-held gaming device, you could even watch movies or music videos.  Some even give an option to download new items, so you can update your musical selections while you are waiting.

A Kindle is also another popular gadget one might have.  With a Kindle, one can read a book anywhere, without having to tote a heavy book around.   Waiting in line is a great opportunity to finish that chapter you are trying to finish, or even those last few pages of that book.  Most gadgets like this can connect to the internet, so you can download more books you want, or update your wish list.

Some people carry cameras around. You never know when that perfect opportunity to take a picture will be.   Sometimes, we do not delete those pictures that are of no use to us. While waiting in this long line, you could pass the time by going through the pictures on your camera, and deleting the ones that you do not need.  You can also change your settings, to make sure you are taking the best pictures and videos you can.

Cell phones, PSPs or other hand-held gaming devices, iPods and MP3 players, Kindles, and cameras are great devices to help pass the time. With all these devices, who can ever say, "I'm bored" again? These devices are the perfect size to take anywhere, even while standing in line.

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