Trying to put together a list of the Top 10 innovations, products or ideas for 2010, was no easy task. There are so many amazing inventions that rolled out into the spotlight this year, that choosing only ten, was a gruelling process. Each of the ideas listed here were chosen for their overall propensity to actually change the way we live as a society.

The iPad. Easily the most well-known, sought after gadget of the year. Innovative in its design and touch friendly, it has made the stuff of science fiction a reality. Other than the cell phone, it is the most popular consumer electronic on the market.

Square. This is destined to change the way the world does business. Square is a payment platform that is attached to a smart phone, allowing credit card transactions to be made by anyone who has a phone. Square also sends a receipt directly to e-mail.

The Plasma Scalpel. Invented for the military, this little gadget may be the coolest invention since, well, the scalpel itself. The Scalpel works with ionized gas introduced via a controlled light beam. This method can both cut and cauterize a wound in one motion. This technology is bound to save countless lives and change the surgical industry forever.

The MyKey. This little gadget is used to limit the speed of a vehicle, as well as the volume on the stereo. It can also detect and notify when the car is low on gas. Many parents will probably love this thing, although their kids might not be so excited.

The Looxcie. This is a camera that is worn on the ear. While it may seem irrelevant, consider the fact that trying to video children while simultaneously being a parent, has been the root of many ruined video moments. With the Looxcie, you'll get five hours of hands free recording of everything the user sees, as well as the option to send the last 30 seconds to a preset e-mail address, Facebook or YouTube, with just a push of a button. Amazing.

The KS810 Keyboard Scan. Anyone who does a lot of document handling will appreciate this. It is a keyboard, with a full color, 600dpi document scanner built right in. So simple, but so right.

Gibbs Quadski. A new way to think about fun, the Quadski is both an all terrain vehicle and a jet ski. With the press of a button, the wheels fold inside the body and the quadski takes off across the water.

Googles Prius' . A great idea and an effective one as well. Google is the first company to create a car than maneuver city streets and avenues safely in auto-drive. Over 140,000 miles and still going without crashing, the Prius is equipped with video cameras, laser sensors and a laser range finder, only google could amass the technology to make this happen.

Minesto's Deep Green. This revolutionary idea uses the concept of a simple kite design. Attached to the ocean floor, these round, turbine equipped underwater power sources can generate 500 kilowatts of power in calm water. A real breakthrough in green energy.

The Terrafugia Transition. Before now, the idea of a flying car was just that, an idea. The Transitions 100 horsepower engine gets about 35 mpg on the ground, and it can fly two passengers for 500 miles at 105 mph. This gem is priced at about $200,000.

There are many more amazing inventions and ideas that could not be included here, but it is certainly evident, that 2010 has been a creative year.