Sunday, January 23, 2011

Posting to Blogger using IPad and PhotoBucket App for iPad

This is a test of posting directly to Blogger by signing into Blogger site with Safari on iPad and typing into the text field.

In order to type in the text field of the Blogger post, you must select the HTML tab.

To post a photo here in this blog post required that i have the URL of a photo that was already stored on a photo site such as PhotoBucket.

Holding down the home and upper right hand buttons on my iPad I took the screen print of the window that appears when one selects the picture icon in the post editor of Blogger. This screen print was saved to my album on my iPad. I then used the PhotoBucket app for iPad to select that photo and upload to PhotoBucket. From that same app I was able to obtain the URL for that photo located on PhotoBucket.

I then selected the image icon from the Blogger HTML tab choices and pasted the URL for the photo into the box on the right-side. I then clicked on Upload and the HTML code for that image appeared in my post text box.

Previewing the post I was able to see the photo I wanted seen in my blog. I was able to edit my post directly in Safari using the HTML tab and links to photos from Photobucket app for iPad.

Note: I did find that when I published the photo the size exceeded my margins and I had to adjust the photo HTML size code by one-third.

I have not tried any specific apps for iPad that might be easier to use for non- techies, but understand that there maybe one that would work.

I was also successful in tagging the post with appropriate categories, editing the post from my iPad and also adding HTML codes for bolding text.

PS. I did this all while in bed enjoying the playoff football game. :-) now that is what I call multitasking.


Carlos said...

Granny Joan, you ROCK!! While I see you enjoy football, you might like "real" football even better, so check out my blog (which I also update regularly from my iPad) at

Feel free to "compare notes" on blogging from the iPad


Aussie Lexiphile said...

Granny Joan, I've just been experimenting with a friend's iPad, but I don't know what you mean by "Holding down the home and upper right hand buttons on my iPad" -- where are these upper right hand buttons??

I take it the home button is the round button that takes you to the desktop (or whatever it's called). I'd really appreciate some guidance on the other buttons you mentioned!


Granny Joan said...

Aussie Lexiphile,
Hold your iPad in the Portrait mode. The 'sleep' button or physical button located on the right upper corner edge of the iPad is the button. The 'sleep' button allows the user to put their iPad into sleep mode to reserve power and turn the screen off without powering down.

Hope that helps.

Aussie Lexiphile said...

Thank you, Granny Joan! This newbie is most grateful!

Stephen MacKay said...

Granny Joan, followed your instructions but still having troubles. I snapped a photo of your blog holding down both main and sleep buttons then copied it to photo bucket. Hit the chain icon, copied the URL at the bottom and pasted it into blogger just the way you did. However when I upload the photo it says it was successful but nothing shows up when I click done. No photo appears in the preview, text box or anything. Please help. In new Zealand for a few years and trying to start a running blog. Thanks!

Granny Joan said...

Stephen, when you go to photo bucket page using photo bucket uploader app select the thumbnail of the photo uploaded. Then a larger version should appear in the iPad screen. Click on the chain icon in the upper right and select the HTML code to auto copy. This will be what you paste to your blogger text box.

Hope this helps.