Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What to Do if Virtual PRC doesn't Connect with your Disklavier

Occasionally we have a power failure that effects the Disklavier and how it connects to the Virtual PRC that resides on my Mac desktop.   When I click on the 'prcstart.php' icon on my desktop,  it doesn't want to connect with the Disklavier. 

Here are some suggestions to remedy the situation:

Place the 'prcstart.php' file into your trash can.

Open a finder window.

Click on the DKV##### icon under shared column on left of the finder window.

Double click on the 'DNA' folder on the right-hand side of the finder window.

Click on Virtualprc.html

Follow the steps below for setting up and downloading a new prcstart.php file for your desktop:

After the steps are entered, the following screen should appear on your Mac.   The downloaded prcstart.php file should appear on your desktop.  This is the file that you use to run the Virtual PRC for the disklavier.

Note Added -  Feb 1/2011
If you do NOT see the DKV#### icon in the left-hand column of the finder window, you can try the following steps to access the DNA folder and the VirtualPRC. html file needed to reset the Virtual PRC application for your Mac.

While in the finder, select 'Go' menubar option and click on 'Connect to Server'.   A Connect to Server window will appear on your Mac desktop with textbox for Server Address, Favorite Servers and buttons for Remove, Browse, and Connect. 

Click on the Browse button and hopefully a list of various servers on your network will appear with names or IP addresses (e.g. or dkv#####.

If you see the dkv##### (id for your Disklavier where ##### are numbers) then you can access the folders by clicking on the down arrow next to the name dkv#####.  You should then see the following folders that are accessible from your Disklavier: DNA, Document, FromToPC, MyPicture, Update.

The DNA folder contains the file VirtualPRC,html for setting up your virtual PRC controller.

The Document folder has a bunch of subfolders and I've never used them, most are license stuff and don't need to be bothered.

The FromToPC folder is where you can drag and drop midi files to move back and forth from your PC to your piano.

The MyPicture folder has sample pictures that are used for the tablet if you have one. These jpg files are displayed in various screens on the tablet controller that some persons purchased with their Disklavier piano. I have used my own personal family photos that display on my tablet by replacing these sample jpg files. (Replacement photos must have the names mysample01.jpg ... mysample11.jpg)

The Update folder has update files for the PRC and tablet and should not be bothered.

Hopefully this will explain the files and folders that you should see on your Mac that are accessible from your Mac that reside on your Disklavier.

If you have a PC, then I suspect there is also a way to access or browse the servers that are accessible on your wifi network in a similar manner.

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