Monday, February 14, 2011

Apps to Assist in Moving from One Place to Another

Your iPhone or iPad can be a useful tool to assist you in making a move.  It can aid in  locating an apartment or a house, or finding a job or a nice hotel for your stay while making your move to that new location or  help acquaint you with places of interest near your new location.

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If you're looking for a job, these apps may help you:
Job Finder
This app provides 73 job categories within 83 job locations within the US. It finds jobs available within your location from multiple job websites, saving you the time normally required to visit sites individually. Some of the many job categories include: accounting, advertising, government or military, insurance, IT, law enforcement and security, transport, and logistics. The app allows you to save the job details in your favorites and submit your job application at a later time.

Job Compass
The Job Compass app has over 2 million jobs categorized in listings. It automatically detects your location using the GPS feature of your iPhone and plots the location of available jobs on a map within a 5 to 100 miles radius. When you find an interesting job, you can send the details to your email and apply online right away. Job Compass has an easy to use interface, similar to its website.
When you want to move to a new apartment, try one of these apps:
Apartment Guide
Apartment Guide is a free app for your iPhone that searches for apartments, utilizing the GPS location feature of your phone. With Apartment Guide, you can use advanced search results to filter data for thousands of listings. It also allows you to view photos, floor plans, and full property details. You can call or email the apartment manager right away to learn more details for the apartment.

Rent Compass - Apartment Rentals Search
This app uses Google Maps and the GPS location feature of your iPhone. You can zoom in on the map and see available apartments plotted on the map. You merely tap on the apartment icon and details will appear, such as price and number of bedrooms or bathrooms. You can call and email the apartment manager immediately using the contact information provided.

Apartments for Rent

You can search for an apartment for rent on your iPad or iPhone with this app by using an interactive map search or keyword search by typing the city, state, or ZIP code where you might move. You can then narrow your search results by price and number of bedrooms or baths. After you select an apartment, you can view photos and floor plan images. When you are finished, you can contact the landlord right away with the contact details provided.
Or, if you want to purchase a house, try one of these apps: is a free app  to help you locate houses available for sale or rent. You can find homes for sale in your area, near your area, or in any location where you might move. only displays properties that are active on its website. After you select a house that might interest you, you can view its details and photos. You can just tap the number or email address to contact the agent immediately to ask for more details.


With Zillow, you can search for homes with their estimated value already computed for you. You can filter your search results by price, bed and bath count, and other considerations you might have for buying a new home. You can also view photos of the house showing the exterior and the interior, as well as the aerial view of the home's neighborhood. Your search results can be saved in your favorites tab, so you can contact the buyer at a later time.
Once you have made the move and found the perfect job, you can use the following app to help you get acquainted with your new home and location:
Yelp is a free iPhone and iPad app locator that helps you find a place to shop, eat, drink, relax and read reviews from an online community about any particular place. The app can locate a gas station or a barber shop nearby. In addition, it helps you find everything you need in a particular place like hotels, school, doctors on call, churches, park, museums, attractions, and other places near your location. With just a few taps on your device, you find what you need with the details, reviews, and ratings.

So, whether you're looking for a place to stay, a new job or amenities you need at that new location, your iPhone or iPad is the tool to help you accomplish that move.

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