Tuesday, February 08, 2011

FTP on Mac using Firefox or Safari

This morning I needed to download some files using a FTP (Files Transfer Protocol) site.  I was using my Firefox Browser on my Mac and was not able to access and copy the needed files to my computer hard drive.

So I opted to use Safari Browser.  I have a program on my hard drive that handles FTP transfers by using an application called CyberduckCyberduck is a free easy to use FTP client software for the MacOS.  (There is also a version available for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7). 

Note:  If you are using Safari and need to use a FTP site to access files and folders from the cloud, first download and install the Cyberduck application which can be found at this site:  http://cyberduck.ch/

I had used Cyberduck with Amazon and Google Docs before, so the minute it popped up when I clicked on the files to transfer, I was given the login failed message box for username and password.  The site that I had accessed had a login assigned for the username and password, so I needed to enter the correct username and password.  The Cyberduck screen automatically popped up and I noticed that I was unable to change the anonymous user id until I clicked off the ‘Anonymous Login’ box.  Once I did this, I was able to enter the correct username and password and click on login button.

The list of files and folders  that were available for transferring were then listed in the Cyberduck window.  I was able to select the folder that I wished to download to my computer hard drive and select the option that I wished performed from under the Action pop-down menu or I could just drag the folder directly to my hard drive to copy it to the computer hard drive.

As I often run Firefox Browser as well, I decided that I needed to check out a similar app or plug-in for Firefox that would also be an alternative for FTP transfer of files and folders. 

There is a free plugin for use with Firefox on a Mac called FireFTP which can be found at http://fireftp.mozdev.org/   I downloaded this plugin and restarted Firefox.

I clicked on the site where the files and folders that I wished to copy to my hard drive resided.  This time a list of the files index appeared in a popup window and when I selected the file that I wish to transfer a username and password authorization box appeared for that site. 

I entered the username and password and clicked OK.   I then selected the file I wished to transfer and was asked to confirm that choice.

The file then began to transfer to my hard drive.

So if you need to utilize FTP mode on a Mac you  may need to use some sort of plugin or software application to work with your Browser to facilitate the transfer.  Usually one can accomplish the same using the Terminal mode for the Mac OS system, but these plugin and apps seem to simplify it for most users.

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